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Dance & Singalong Class

Get moving and do the twist with our trained dance team in a variety of styles, from ballroom, to a music and dance chair based singalong! Lots of props, games and fun! This is always a hilarious class, full of fun and laughter. Make it a weekly addition and notice the difference in Happiness & Mood within the home!


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War Time Classics

Pack up your troubles with your favourite war time singalongs and ballad's performed with reminiscent stories in full costume, using professional equipment! Sung by members of the team who specialise in this time period!

Contact Us For More Info & Samples

£40 - £100

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50's & 60's Singers

Memories are made of this... Dressed in true 50's style, Our Singers can take you on a trip down memory lane with all the best hit's from one of the best times for music! Get ready to get dancing ! 

Contact us for more info & Samples

£50 -£100

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