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Choosing The Right Wedding Entertainment For You

So, you've got a venue, Saved the date, asked your bridesmaids and groomsmen if they would be involved in your big day, but then it comes down to.... How do we make sure everyone has fun and gets moving on that dancefloor you splashed so much cash out on!? The last thing you need is bored guests when everything else has been made so perfect...

Have you ever been to a wedding or an event and had the feeling you are just being sang at, instead of entertained? Feeling almost as if, if you get up or get involved you might be interrupting? Maybe you feel quite shy about joining in... This is a thought many people have! Some performers may have beautiful voices but lack a certain connection with an audience!

A great performer will make an effort to get everyone in the room engaged in the performance, making the guest feel like they are a part of the show! They would be interesting and funny and leave any sense of self indulgence at the door. The last thing you need on your big day is a singer that just goes through a set one after another like they are going through the motions! Jokes, dance games (team bride vs team groom) and maybe even bringing people up to the mic for small parts of certain songs can be a real winner with any audience!

Consider who will be attending your wedding... Is a lot of the party under the age of ten? Maybe a children's entertainer or a fun character? The kids having a party of their own for a couple of hours, means letting family and friends catch up properly!

Something really fun that gets guests talking about the wedding (in the best possible way) is surprise acts! Maybe a choreographed first dance with funny, quirky parts to show off the bride and grooms sense of humour! Similar dance performances from the bridal party or groomsmen can also create a hilarious or impressive (or both) atmosphere! Make sure the company you choose will create performances to any songs that mean a lot to you! The more funny and simple the routine, the better it goes down with a tough crowd! Even more different.... surprise dancing down the wedding aisle set a fantastic fun tone for any wedding, as seen in many viral YouTube video's! Make it your own!

Lastly, SINGING WAITERS!!!!! We get so excited at this because it is always completely unexpected! Imagine, everything has quietened down after the speeches, an uptight somewhat awkward waiter comes rushing through and suddenly, CRASH of plates and glasses and trays (completely safe of course) Everyone is concerned and a little shocked and then the 'injured' waiter jumps up and a singing show begins! The best songs to choose are the ones that most people will know the words to! The enthusiasm from the performers is something you have to be sure of! If they are having fun that will usually create a great vibe in the room. This makes it comfortable to get guests up on their feet singing, dancing and clapping along! Then, the 'Big Sing Off' starts... who will win? Team Bride or Team Groom? This game is always a winner in any kind of wedding entertainment as, lets face it, everyone loves a bit of healthy competition!

Whatever you choose, make sure it is fun, the day goes by so fast. The main regret I always hear is 'I wish I could have just relaxed and had more fun'. A top class quality singer is excellent, a two step 20 second first dance is still lovely... but let YOUR wedding day reflect who YOU are! Let your personality shine through, create memories that are different, funny, emotional, and most of all have the whole room involved, moments you can treasure forever!

- M

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